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--- Over Faq 1.1.6b ---

* New questions
# questions with more information or changed answers

Basic Information

# What is Over?

Over is a roguelike roleplaying game. Roguelike games are similar to other crpgs except for the fact that you only control one person instead of a party. Roguelike games also do not have excellent graphics and more energy is devoted to the story. Over probably has the best graphics of all the other Roguelike games. Roguelike games also tend to be free.:)

What is the latest version of Over?

The latest version of Over is version 0.09

# What are the Over websites?

You can find the latest version of the FAQ at http://members.aol.com/TDavis3407/over.html

The official over website is at http://crash.ihug.co.nz/~jbarrow

Spoilers on Monsters, Weapons, and Armor are available at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/rampart/1084/over.html There is also a survey where you can send suggestions about over.

Where can I participate in discussions about Over?

The newsgroup rec.games.roguelike.misc. If you want the OVER maintainer to read those posts. You should email it to him also. I've found that he usually responds to questions within a day.

How come I never get any updates any more for that email listing I joined off of Jeff Barrow's homepage?

Jeff Barrow lost that list. I'm not sure if it's still up. Updates from now on will most likely be posted on the roguelike homepage and the rec.roguelike.misc newsgroup.

# Is development for Over still active?

It's been Over a year since the game has been updated. Jeff has said that he is still working on the game. Hopefully, the web page will be updated soon as to give people a sign.

Wizards suck! What's the point of using them?

The designer intended to give Wizards a random assortment of scrolls and potions but forgot(again). I reminded him this time so he shouldn't forget. Also, Wizards start out with the highest intelligence in the game which seriously helps to identify the potion you just drank. This helps a lot and helps offset their initial weaknesses.

Item related questions

How come if I drink a potion twice it doesn't have the same effect?

Some potions have the same color. Jeff probably did this so you couldn't just write down what the potion did and avoid it if the effects were bad or drink it again if the effects were good. If you want to know what will happen when you drink a potion you'll have to identify it.

How come there are so many items in over?

Lots of items never hurts. Also, the different character classes have their tools of the trade, which all have to be included.


Who should I email if I have any questions or comments for the FAQ?


Who is the Over maintainer?

His name is Jeff and is email address is jbarrow@ihug.co.nz.

What about that other guy who maintains the unofficial web page?


Strategy Information

What kind of information is in the Strategy section?

Currently there is a listing of the character classes and their advantages. There are also strategies to keep yourself alive. These strategies may contain vague references to specific levels. If you don't want to know that information turn back now. It only gets worse.

How can I keep myself alive?

When you start out you get 8 hit points. Here's a tactic that will help you survive. Whenever you are surrounded by tons of enemies use a teleport scroll and pray you teleport to an area with less monsters. This has actually saved my live. The last game I tried this tactic in my character advanced to level 7.

What are some basic strategies?

Wait for monsters to come to you. Rabbits and rats will not come towards you. Always kill the harder monster first if you're surrounded. In deep levels you will get surrounded by lots of large monsters. On deeper levels more important to have a higher AC than WC. Try to get it to 22-26 so they don't hit as much while you whack them with your one-handed weapon.

What classes are there in Over?

You can choose from Madman, Caveman, Ninja, Fighter, Barbarian, Wizard, Medic, Cleric, Jester, and Spy.

I'm doing great. Unfortunately on one level I faced an item lull.

... And now I'm worried that I won't be able to face the monsters on the next level without the necessary items?

Well you have two choices you can either pray that at the next level you don't climb the stairs next to a horde of monsters or you can spend sometime whacking at creatures on the level you're at. I suggest you do both.

What advantages are there for the various classes?

Note: Starting AC and WC values are the values that you get with the pre-equipped items.

  • Cleric
Strength 8
Intelligence 14
Dexterity 8
Starting WC: 6
Starting AC: 2

Strategy: Clerics have the second highest intelligence. They are fairly strong and fast. They're low AC at the beginning might prove to be a problem. But just keep trying and eventually you'll get a decent suit of armor. With their intelligence you should try to drink just about every potion you find.

  • Caveman
Strength 18
Intelligence 3
Dexterity 9
Large Club
Starting WC: 6
Starting AC: 0

Strategies: Cavemen have the lowest intelligence. You will want to avoid drinking potions until around level 5 or 6 where you need to start taking chances to survive. They also have the lowest armor class at the beginning. Get decent armor fast.

  • Spy
Strength 8
Intelligence 10
Dexterity 13
Starting WC: 4
Starting AC: 3

Strategies: Spies have the highest total stat points 8 + 13 + 10 = 31. Everyone else has 30. They also have the second highest dexterity by only one point. And a decent intelligence. And very respectable items. I think that spies are the best class. They're very balanced and have no weaknesses as far as I can see.

  • Jester
Strength 8
Intelligence 8
Dexterity 14
Jester Suit
Jester Cap
Starting WC: 1
Starting AC: 2

Strategies: Jesters have the best dexterity. Dexterity is the best stat, IMHO, because it is both used to determine what you can hit and how well you can dodge. Unfortunately, it's only one point higher than a spy's. Their starting equipment is as bad as wizards'. Skip this class and if you want to play with a high dexterity class stick with a spy.

  • Medic
Strength 9
Intelligence 11
Dexterity 10
Starting WC: 1
Starting AC: 1

Strategies: These guys have the worst starting equipment, and their stats are just about the same as madmen. Forget about them. If you want a character that is equal in all three stats play madmen.

  • Wizard
Strength 6
Intelligence 18
Dexterity 6
Cloth Armor
Starting AC: 1
Starting WC: 1

Strategies: Awful starting equipment. High intelligence. I recommend skipping this class and playing clerics. Clerics have lower intelligence but carry slightly more strength and dexterity. And what do you need potions for to raise strength and dexterity. Eventually the cleric's intelligence will be on par with the wizard.

  • Fighter
Strength 14
Intelligence 8
Dexterity 8
Ring Mail
Small Shield
Starting WC: 8
Starting AC: 7

Strategies: Fighters have the best starting equipment and the second highest strength. These guys are good until you want to start drinking potions and then they don't memorize the potion enough times to make a sip worthwhile. Easy at the beginning but get harder as the game progresses.

  • Barbarian
Strength 14
Intelligence 6
Dexterity 10
Starting WC: 6
Starting AC: 1

Strategies: These guys are more war-like fighters with less intelligence and less equipment. They make up for it with higher dexterity. They feel the same as fighters except it's even harder for them than fighters later in the game.

  • Madman
Strength 10
Intelligence 10
Dexterity 10
Rusty Ringmail
Party hat
Starting WC: 3
Starting AC: 5

Strategies: These guys have balanced stats in all regards and pretty good equipment. Excellent class.

  • Ninja
Strength 15
Intelligence 5
Dexterity 10
Ninja Coif
Starting WC: 8
Starting AC: 6

Strategies: High strength. Good dexterity. Low intelligence. Rocking stats. Good equipment. Unfortunately, their starting weapon is two-handed. I don't like two-handed weapons. These guys are good for fighting. As with all fighter classes you will struggle later because of their lack of ability to identify potions well.

Can you give me strategies for the various classes?

Yes. There are basically four groups balanced classes (basically equal in all three stats), high intelligence, high strength, and high dexterity. A high intelligence class will obviously try to try drink every single potion that comes along. You might lose some stats but eventually (if you can survive) you'll figure out what every potion does. That's a huge advantage. High strength obviously helps in bashing monsters quickly. You might want to use a two handed weapon so they do more damage. High dexterity is only available through the Jester(although a thief might be included in future versions). A good Jester strategy is to keep your armor class as high as possible while still doing small damage now and then.

What are the calculations for everything in over?

To hit is a check of your WC against target AC, with modifiers for randomness, strength & dexterity and potion effects, damage is the difference in the calculation modified by strength. This is a straight intelligence check - A higher intelligence = higher chance of identifying.

Does the weapon type make a difference in any calculations or is WC the only thing that matters?

For the most part (and in 0.08 and earlier) WC is the only important thing - however some of the higher WC weapons are 2 handed, so this limits the armour potential.

Spoiler Information

# What kind of stuff can I find in spoiler information?

Currently all there is is a listing of the AC and WC of all the normal items in the game. If you don't want that information turn back now. Cheat keys would be listed here if any existed.

What is the WC and AC value of all the standard types of weapons and armor in the game?


Cutting Tool21
Credit Card21
Bread Knife31
Small Club41
Long Dagger51
Short Sword61
Large Club62
Iron Rod71
Long Sword81
Morning Star81
War Hammer101
Battle Axe102
2 Handed Sword122
2 Handed Axe142
2 Handed Hammer142


Hawaiian Shirt0
Cloth Armour1
Jester Suit1
Lab Coat1
Soft Leather2
Normal Leather3
Hard Leather4
Elf Leather5
Rusty Ringmail5
Ring Mail6
Ninja Garb6
BP Vest6
Scale Armour7
Samurai Armour8
Dwarven Chainmail9
Elven Chainmail9
Banded Mail9
Splint Mail9
Full Plate10
Troll Hide10
Silver Plate11
Dragon Plate12
Holy Plate12


Paper Hat0
Party Hat0
Jester Cap1
Cloth Cap1
Leather Cap2
Tin Helmet3
Ninja Coif3
Hard Hat3
Iron Helm4
Winged Helmet4
Horned Helm4
War Helm5
Visored Helm5
Bamboo Helm5
Titan Helm10


Small Shield1
Large Shield2
Tower Shield3
Bronze Shield4
Golden Shield4
Jade Shield5
Sun Shield9

# What are the cheat keys for Over?

No cheat codes exist.

Are there any secret classes in Over?

Yes. In the character class selection screen. Keep pressing down until no class is highlighted then press enter. This character class sucks and has no items in his inventory or any stats. This is a more of a bug than a secret character.