Patient Rogue

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Patient Rogue
Developer Watabou
Theme Fantasy
Influences Pixel Dungeon, Card Crawl
Released Mar 10, 2018
Updated May 17, 2018
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Haxe
Platforms HTML
Interface Pixel art, Mouse
Game Length Very short
Official site of Patient Rogue
Patient Rogue is a coffeebreak roguelike

A roguelite card-based game for 7DRL 2018


How to play

  • Traverse a number of dungeon levels to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor.
  • To advance to the next level you need to discover and play the exit card.
  • Some cards need a target to be played (e.g. drag a weapon card to an enemy card to attack that enemy with that weapon) and others do not (e.g. click an armor card to equip it).
  • Hunger level increases every time you turn a card face-up or play the exit card. At the maximum hunger level these actions cause 1 point of damage to the hero.
  • After turning a card face-up, attacking an enemy and playing the exit card all open enemies attack the hero.
  • Amount of damage enemies inflict to the hero depends on the difference between the current dungeon level and the current character level (see the indicator at the top right corner of the window).
  • You can attack an enemy without a weapon by simply clicking its card. Such attack inflicts 1 point of damage.
  • You can "lure" an enemy to a revealed trap by dragging the enemy card to the trap card (or vice versa).
  • An armor can be equipped only after "exhausting" a previously equipped one.
  • To discard a card from your hand drag it to the x-marked place at the right side of the window.