Plutonium roguelike

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Plutonium roguelike
Defunct Game
Developer Digal
Theme Postnuclear
Influences Fallout
Released 2005 Sep 20 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 2011 Nov 1 ({{{updver}}})
P. Language Java
Platforms Java compatible
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of Plutonium roguelike

Plutonium roguelike (PtRL) is a post-nuclear traditional ASCII roguelike, being written on Java by Yuri Buyanov (Digal).


  • Traditional ASCII interface.
  • Many outdoor maps: forests, plains, settlements, ruins, military bases. There will be dungeons too, of course.
  • Scifi roguelike specific interface: comfortable targetting system, informative FOV, etc.
  • XML format will be used to store information about items, creatures, and tiles.
  • Assymetric FOV: if you are standing behind the tree, you can see your enemies clearly, but it'll be hard for them to spot you. Maybe 90- or 180-degree FOV for monsters (and even for player) will be implemented.
  • Weapon modifications: silencers, scopes, etc.
  • Different close combat attacks: punches, kicks, combos.
  • Random quests, maybe.
  • Fully destructible enviroment.

And many other things...

Current stage

Project is in the beginning of development. What is done?

  • Messaging and time systems.
  • Equipment and inventory systems.
  • 360-degree FOV calculating algorithm.
  • Unarmed combat system.
  • Basic generation of a few map types (city/ruins, vault, forest).
  • Pathfinding algorightm.
  • Several dialog screens.
  • XML parser for tiles and items.
  • Melee weapons.
  • Close combat.
  • Basic creatures' AI.
  • Many basic Java classes.
  • Ranged attacks and weapons.
  • Different types of ammo.

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Github page