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Developer flend
Theme fantasy
Influences Princess Maker, DDRogue
Released 15th March 2010
Updated v1.03 30th March 2010
Licensing Free to download
P. Language C#, (with libtcod)
Platforms Windows / Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length 2 hours
Official site of PrincessRL
PrincessRL is a coffeebreak roguelike

PrincessRL is a 7DRL written for the 7DRL Contest 2010 by flend. The game is a mixture of stat building and short dungeon adventures with the objective of training your Princess for her future career at court.

The game features combat manoeuvres, magic and a charm system in addition to a wide range of enemies and items. It is the spiritual successor to DDRogue and was built from the DDRogue engine.

It scored 2.61 / 3 in the 2010 7DRL Challenge Evaluation Process making it the highest scored entry in 2010.


Welcome to Princess School, girls! You'll all be here for one year and we'll be teaching you all to become perfect princesses to make your Daddys proud.

During the the week, you'll be expected to attend classes on etiquette and magic or, for the more robust amongst you, swordplay. Now, I also want to see all you girls in the athletics hall. No excuses for getting fat here - I shan't hear the end of it!

On the last weekend of every month, us masters will be away at our important monthly conference. No sneaking off! Gumball, our combat master, will be here to take care of you.

That's all girls. I expect you to work hard and act like a princess at all times!


  • 7 dungeons and a wilderness
  • 10 combat manoeuvres integrated into movement, improved from DDRogue
  • 9 spells
  • 31 monster types
  • 20 different endings