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Angband Variant
Developer Antoine
Based on NPPAngband 0.5.3
Theme Fantasy
Released Jul 2005 (1.00)
Updated Dec 2012 (2.06)
Download Source and Windows binary: [1] (5MB)

Official site

Quickband is a variant by Antoine. It is a variant of NPPAngband (by Jeff Greene and Diego Gonzalez), which in turn is a variant of Angband.

The aim of Quickband is to descend to the 12th level of the dungeon and slay the evil wizard Saruman of Many Colors. Quickband is intended to be much quicker to complete than regular Angband (which has 100 dungeon levels). In fact you should be able to play a full game in just a few hours.

You can send Antoine feedback (comments, suggestions or bug reports) at <antoine dot from dot rgrd at gmail dot com>. You may also like to post character dumps at angband.oook.cz, or discuss the game on the oook forums or on the rec.games.roguelike.angband newsgroup.