RLTK - The Roguelike Toolkit

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Library project
Developer Herbert Wolverson
Released Apr 1 2016 (0.0.1)
Updated Nov 28 2017
Licensing MIT License
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, others?
Dependencies SFML (multimedia library)
Official site of RLTK

RLTK - The Roguelike Toolkit

MIT Licensed, source-code on GitHub. Go to https://github.com/thebracket/rltk for the code.

It is written in modern C++, and aims to cover most of the pain-points of developing a modern Roguelike. It includes the following features:

  • A CP437 terminal, with various font and sizing options.
  • GUI Primitives to assist with creating a useful user interface.
  • Geometry helpers.
  • Path-finding helpers that try to be agnostic about the structure of your code, through templates.
  • A heavily templated, high-performance ECS (Entity Component System).
  • Helpers, such as a REXPaint file reader.

It is maintained by Herbert Wolverson.