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Developer Jurax Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Status Stable
Released 30 March 2023
Updated 1 April 2024, v2.2.1
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language GDScript
Platforms Windows/Linux
Interface Mouse/Keyboard
Game Length 35 minutes
Official site of ROGUE-FP


ROGUE-FP is a traditional roguelike but with first person perspective and controls. Though originally based off of Rogue, since the 2.0 update the game has gone in its own direction adding new monsters, items, a larger map, and new room types. The original style of play is now has its own classic mode available on the main menu.


First Person Perspective

The first person perspective changes little of the original Rogue gameplay. Instead of aiming by selecting a direction, you point in the direction you want. Instead of bumping into a monster to attack, you press space. Potions of detection will make monsters/items visible through walls as well as visible on the map. The main difference is that projectiles will move through the air and take up time while they move, thus giving some monsters like the bat an opportunity to get out of the way.

Smooth Turn System

Turns are now based off of time. When an action is performed by either the player or a monster the one performing the action must then wait .4 seconds until they can act again. Since there is no movement grid to restrict the player, moving is not performed in .4 second turns and the time counter will start and stop when the player does. This system allows the players and monsters turns to de-sync and then re-sync smoothly on the fly.

Multiple Graphics Styles

Players can switch between pure ascii sprites, ascii art sprites, and traditional sprites on the fly during gameplay. The art styles for monsters and tiles can be set independent of each other to suit your tastes.


An example map screen.
A map screen from ROGUE-FP with ASCII graphics turned on.