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*Full mouse and keyboard support
*Full mouse and keyboard support
*Crisp 90s crpg style graphical and audio aesthetics
*Crisp 90s crpg style graphical and audio aesthetics
== Screenshots ==

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Rift Wizard
Beta Project
Developer Dylan White
Theme Fantasy
Influences DCSS, TOME
Released July 6, 2020
Updated July 6, 2020 (v0.1)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~2 hours
Official site of Rift Wizard

Rift Wizard is a short form, strategic, spell casting focused roguelike.

The goal of Rift Wizard is to provide an endless series of engaging and unique tactical encounters.

It draws influences from DCSS and TOME, but is more focused on battle than either one: the entire game consists of combat and character customization.

The character system is classless and highly customizable. You play as a wizard every game of course, drawing spells from over a hundred possibilities. Any spell can be purchased at any time, but random drops can provide discounts or enhancements for certain types of spells, pushing your build in unique directions every playthrough.

One run consists of a series of 25 levels. Each level contains one or more rifts, leading to ever harder levels with varying challenges and rewards. Managing your movement through the rifts is crucial: you must pursue the correct loot for your current character build, while avoiding levels that would destroy it.

Rift Wizard features permadeath and tight resource management, with little room for error. Health and Mana potions are in short supply, there is no "rest" feature. Every decision must be carefully optimized.


  • Huge library of unique and interesting spells to cast
  • Extreme character customization
  • Mechanically diverse monsters
  • Non stop giant wizard battles
  • Finite resources and permadeath
  • Full mouse and keyboard support
  • Crisp 90s crpg style graphical and audio aesthetics