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Alpha Project
Developer Christopher Brandt
Theme Fantasy
Influences My upcoming RL DungeonHunter
Released 2006 Feb 26
Updated 2006 Mar 07 (V0.3)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language BlitzMax
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of RogueTower8DRL


A pretty standard RL. The player got locked in a tower and the only thing he can do is climbing up... the tower is told to have no toplevel.

The basic structure was written in 8 days. It was meant to be a contestant for the 7dRL challenge 2006 but I didn't succeed (one day late...)

After some bugfixes and balancing the game no longer was a 8dRL, so there were two versions: 8dRL and V0.3.

Sadly both of them are lost and the only version still existing is 0.3Net, which has added the feature to be watched while playing by another player (via TCP/IP).


+ Many items with magical properties (each basic item can be combined with a suffix)

+ The difficulty raises as you advance higher in the tower

+ The items get better the higher in the tower you find them

+ The levels are pregenerated but randomly designed with two nice themes

+ Endless playing, send me your memorial files if you get past floor 20 (


8dRL Status (quite buggy and imba):

+ Sry, the guys from funpic killed my files and space and I can't find a backup

V0.3 (very hard in the current state):

+ Somewhen I seem to have added an option so that someone can watch you playing via TCP/IP

+ You have to forward port 3358 to do this