Rogue Clone

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Rogue Clone
Major Roguelike
Developer Tim Stoehr, many others
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released 1986
Updated 2004 (DOS/Win v2.1), 2007 (Linux v0.3.7)
Licensing BSD
P. Language C
Platforms Linux, Windows, DOS
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ??
Official site of Rogue Clone

The Rogue Clone began in 1986 by Tim Stoehr due to licensing issues regarding the original Rogue. It has been maintained and ported by various people since then.

Rogue Clone I-III

These are the original versions by Tim Stoehr and others for UNIX and similar systems, which were ported to various systems and used as the basis for modern versions. These versions are obsolete and do not compile on modern machines.

A version of Rogue-clone III exists as mac-rogue fixed and compiled for macOS.


See article: LinuxRogue

Rogue Clone IV

This is the modern port for DOS and Windows. The ASCII graphics can be configured to resemble either traditional UNIX (in monochrome or color) or color DOS versions of Rogue.