Rogue Mercenaries

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Rogue Mercenaries
Developer Corremn
Theme StarCraft
Influences StarCraft
Released 2008 Mar 18
Updated 2008 Apr 03
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++, OpenGL, SDL
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII (Graphical Ascii Tiles)
Game Length <30 mins
Official site of Rogue Mercenaries

A game inspired and set in Blizzard's Star Craft universe. A submission for the 2008 7DRL challenge.

You play the role of a Terran mercenary, with the help of a few fellow mercs, take on the might of a zerg infested world. Your goal is to survive the 10 missions and defeat the zerg overmind hatchling at the end. You may choose to abort any mission by evacuating early but you will fail the game if you abort more than 2 missions. Also the result of a mission may effect future missions so abort missions carefully.


  • Most Zerg and Terran units
  • Star Craft mechanics
  • Allied units
  • Mission based gameplay

Example Morgue File

   StarCraft: Rogue Mercenaries 7DRL 05- Mission Record
   Mission Record for Cpt Roger. 
   Status: MIA
   Cpt Roger the Terran Marine was believed to have been killed by Boss Hogg.
   Mission Record:
       Mission 0: Succeeded
       Mission 1: Succeeded
       Mission 2: Succeeded
       Mission 3: Succeeded
       Mission 4: Succeeded
       Mission 5: Failed
       Mission 6: Succeeded
       Mission 7: Succeeded
       Mission 8: Succeeded
   Surviving Team Members
   Name                 Type           Team      Kills
   Cletus               Firebat        Terran    25
   Casper               Ghost          Terran    29
   Hank                 Firebat        Terran    19
   Horsell              Golieth        Terran    12
   medic                Medic          Terran    0
   Boss Hogg            Siege Tank     Terran    13
   Gaznul               Wraith         Terran    2
   Bo                   SVC            Terran    1
   Grimshaw             Battlecruiser  Terran    1
   Deceased Team Members
   Name                 Type           Team      Kills
   Lester               Firebat        Terran    10
   Buck                 Vulture        Terran    1
   missile turret       Missile Turret Terran    2
   Sykes                Ghost          Terran    17
   Last Messages
   The zergling is blasted for 35 damage. 
   The zergling dies. 
   The zergling screams. 
   You are hit for 19 damage. 
   The zergling is blasted for 35 damage. 
   You is blasted for 34 damage. 
   The zergling dies. 
   You die. 
   Kill List
    85 zerglings
     5 drones
    24 hydralisks
    12 mutalisks
     5 overlords
     5 scourges
     9 spore colonys
     4 infested terrans
     2 devourers
     2 lurkers
     1 Cpt Roger