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"Make edits to a main-namespace article first (such as the Sandbox)", okay, mission accomplished.

Test Header

This is my first edit to the website. I'm testing out the sandbox features, and getting used to the Wikitext markup stuff. In addition to this, I hope I can contribute over time to the Roguebasin community and stuff. I do have plans for my own Roguelike Game, but it is currently in the planning and pre-production stage.

Aspects of My Mysterious Planned Roguelike

This is where I'm going to put some of the features of my mysterious planned roguelike. Treat this as a wish list, of sorts. :)

  1. A really funky 'Tileless' set up for dungeon generation.
  2. Extremely Large Maps
  3. Joystick Control Scheme
  4. A really funky 'Itemless' inventory system for loot acquisition.
  5. Shop haggling

Is that All?

For now... yes. I've still got a lot to do, but more functionality is to be added in the future. Au Revoir! <- This is the only time I will EVER use french. :)

Header num. 2

Just look at differences between this wiki and wikipedia syntax.

Why's it called a "Sandbox"...?

I don't see any sand or boxes...

They say I have to edit this page first..

^_^ editing on the sandbox is FUN! - true

Because it's where you go to play-cate the bot prevention system.