Sean Brown

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Sean Brown
Projects Middlecrest
Games Middlecrest
Nationality United States
P. Languages Actively: C++, PHP, JavaScript, C Not-so-actively: Perl, Java, Prolog, C#, Assembly
[ Official site of Sean Brown]

Software developer living in Portland, Oregon. My current project is Middlecrest. Currently, it is in a massive rewrite stage.

I spend way too much time coding, listening to music, and scaring my friends and co-workers by bashing out code while I'm listening to raucous punk rock/deathrock or industrial. I have a soft spot in my heart for C and C++.

When I'm not involved with code, I'm pursuing my interests in music, history, movies, and reading all those dusty old classic novels that you dreaded reading in high school. I dig beer and zombies. Probably too much.