Serial Killer

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Serial Killer
Alpha Project
Developer bloodrizer
Theme Social simulation
Influences Serial Killer Hoax
Released Feb 2010
Updated Mar 2012
Licensing Freeware, Open Source
P. Language Java, formerly Python
Platforms cross-platform
Interface ASCII, Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Open ended
Official site of Serial Killer

Serial Killer (working title) is a proof-of-concept social simulation roguelike. The sole gameplay purpose is to let the player kill (or not to kill) in-game NPC's.


Serial Killer was formerly written using Python and libtcod wrapper. Rewritten in 2012 using opengl-based java renderer and LWJGL library.

You can play latest development build in the browser >> here <<.

Status and Road Map

Jskiller (Java Serial Killer Roguelike) is a prof-of-the-concept project. It is currently an early alpha prototype. It has basic gameplay features like npc, ai, town map generation, inventory, simple gui. Hoover, it has no goal, no score system, no challenges.

Developer is currently in search of gameplay conception, so feature requests are gratefully acceptable.

Current roadmap:

  • [ ] Basic score system
  • [ ] Clues on the crimeplace
  • [ ] Blood traces on player (kind of 'crime cooldown')
  • [ ] Police should react on blood splats on player
  • [ ] FBI agents should locate clues and investigate them
  • [ ] Newspapers
  • [ ] Daily job



  • Window GUI system and mouse support
  • Random town generation
  • Simple inventory system
  • NPC with random name, race and stats generation
  • Simple body simulation with bloodloss, stun effect, body part damage and dismember function
  • Simple police AI and simple crimeplace investigation mechanic



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