Shadow of the Wyrm

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Shadow of the Wyrm
Stable game
Developer Julian Day (jcd748)
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, Omega
Released August 31, 2015 (v0.3.9)
Updated May 15, 2022 (v1.4.5.1)
Licensing MIT
P. Language C++, Lua
Platforms Windows, Linux, Unix
Interface Curses, Keyboard
Game Length Long
Official site of Shadow of the Wyrm

Shadow of the Wyrm is an open-world fantasy roguelike in the style of ADOM and Omega. It was formerly known as Savage Lands.


  • Large world with random and set areas
  • Start at the edge of the world, or in the centre of the empire
  • Quests from the starting island to the ends of the world
  • A wide variety of races, classes, and optional conducts to suit various playstyles
  • Nine deities, each with their own likes and dislikes
  • A huge number of monsters, artifacts, items, and spells
  • 1-bit sprites with a variety of colour palettes
  • Full lower ASCII with over a dozen beautiful colours!
  • Both SDL and curses are supported