Six Way Wanderer

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Six Way Wanderer
Developer binary_headspace
Theme Fantasy, Fire&Ice
Influences Rogue, Zelda, Metroid
Released 14th March 2015
Updated 14th March 2015
Licensing Closed source
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Web
Interface Graphical, Mouse
Game Length < 15 minutes
Official site of Six Way Wanderer

Six Way Wanderer is a coffeebreak roguelike


Six Way Wanderer is a 7drl based around the idea of solving puzzles and acquiring powers to allow progression to further areas (as in Metroid or the Legend of Zelda dungeons).

The game is web based and is designed to be played on a mobile phone.

You play as the wanderer who can wander between room defeating enemies, collecting gems and finding magic runes before reaching the exit.

Each play through creates a procedural sequence of rooms and challenges that must be overcome in a certain order (although >1 orders can exist in one game). The runes embue the wanderer with special powers that can be used in combat and to progress further in the game.

The 7drl version of the game (later versions will be forthcoming!) has a limited set of puzzle types it can generate but still offers a fun short game!

This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.

A retrospective of the Six Way Wanderer 7drl can be found at the developers blog here: sww-retrospective