Soulash 2

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Soulash 2
Alpha Project
Developer Artur Śmiarowski
Theme Dark Fantasy
Influences Dwarf Fortress Adventure, Mount & Blade: Bannerlord, Unreal World, ADOM
Released 4th December 2023 (EA)
Updated 2nd May 2024
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface GUI, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Medium
Official site of Soulash 2

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Watch Soulash 2 Trailer

In a realm where gods have perished, a new era of strife has dawned. Seize power, forge legendary artifacts, conquer the world, and ascend to the divine throne!

Soulash 2 is a massive and complex project born from a one-man's lifelong passion for gaming. Immerse yourself in an innovative blend of traditional roguelike, roleplaying, and sandbox genres. Conquer an expansive fantasy world, embark on daring expeditions to challenge formidable beings, craft extraordinary artifacts, amass a fortune as a merchant or thief, or construct a monumental pyramid amidst the desert sands.

Free demo available on Steam:

  • Demo version is available since 29th September 2023, you can watch the trailer here.
  • Early Access version has been available since 4th December 2023.
  • Modding Tools were released on 4th January 2024.

Main Features

  • Procedurally Generated Worlds Each world in Soulash 2 is procedurally generated, complete with a simulated history. Generate unique settlements shaped by trade routes, character lifecycles, resource extraction, and the triumphs and tragedies of war - all before you etch your own legacy into their annals.
  • Skill-based Progression System Soulash 2's skill-based progression system empowers you to unlock new abilities and actions through diverse activities, paving the way for unique possibilities. Become an expert in your chosen path or a jack of all trades by combining different skills.
  • Survival Mechanics As you travel looking for adventure, murdering innocent villagers, hunting bears, or building a network of hideouts, you must take care of yourself. Hunger and thirst add additional depth, requiring you to plan your routes and stocks.
  • Flexible Crafting System Soulash 2's innovative crafting system lets you create items with your chosen resources. Recipes feature slots of different types that can be fitted with unique magical ingredients, bestowing items with unparalleled properties that amplify character customization.
  • Building, Use your creativity to build structures of wood, stone, or metal. Raise a castle as your seat of power, build a black pyramid in the middle of the desert, or a simple hut in the Boreal Forest near the owlfolk village.
  • Character Customization, You can choose from five distinct races and customize your character's appearance to your liking. You can start a game as an orphan or member of an established family and pick a place of your origin.
  • Three Difficulty Modes High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, and Hardcore Mode with permadeath
  • In-game modding tools with Steam Workshop integration - for even more content!


Knowledge of the first game is unnecessary to enjoy Soulash 2, but lore and general story references will be in the full version to remind players about the good old days of being the destroyer of worlds.

State of development

Soulash 2 demo is released as of 29th September 2023, and Early Access begins December 4, 2023, see announcement with details here. You can follow Soulash news on Twitter and Discord