Steve Segreto

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Steve Segreto graduated high school in 1993 and has played roguelike games since 1986, starting with Rogue, Hack and DnD. He has worked on personal versions of roguelikes since he was 13 years old. In tribute to Dan Lawrence's DnD, he created ADND, which is a much improved version of that game. It has an overland map similar to ADOM's and features the same room-by-room style of the original DnD, with the exception that the map "zooms" into a roguelike view when danger appears (i.e. a trap on the floor or a combat begins). Each square in the room-by-room view corresponds to 5x5 roguelike squares. He has since abandoned work on the ASCII based games for DirectX 3-D style games (after a brief foray into 2-d isometric graphics). He is currently employed at Microsoft Corporation on the Windows Kernel team.

Since his work on roguelikes has been mostly personal, none of the binaries for any of these games have been posted anywhere. If anybody would like a copy of them or wants to host them, please e-mail "SFSEGRETO@HOTMAIL.COM"