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It isn't clear if Mr. Cravens had been informed of this use of the Gramarye, as requested in the Terms of Use. Furthermore, since permission is only given to use it "as it appears on this website", it seems to me that these Terms do not allow use in a wiki. I have e-mailed Mr. Cravens on this issue and when he responds, I will either add a comment indicating his permission has been granted or else I will remove the article and state the reason why. -- R. Dan Henry

Copyright violation confirmed

Although his reasoning is different, Mr. Cravens agreed with me that this use violates his license, so I'm removing it for now. He indicated he might change to the Creative Commons license; if that happens, and it allows wikification (I'm not familiar with the license details) it could be restored then. However, I'm uncertain why this wasn't done as a link to the Gramarye's existing site in the first place -- R. Dan Henry is gone 503

See instead. Not sure what's happening (when/if it's coming back).

The blog is locked, only allows invited users. I've found a copy here: Not sure if it has Mr. Craven's permission, but for the time being, until his site is located (if it still exists), or until we get an update on the license details. --TimothySDev 05:43, 7 August 2012 (CEST)