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This template is used as an entry in the Recently Updated Roguelikes page to reduce HTML/CSS/table stuff there and increase maintainability of the page. Usage:

{{Update | color | name | extraInfo |url| stability | theme | date | version | based | lang }}


  1. color - background color of the entry
  2. name - title of the roguelike (note: it's used to create a link)
  3. extraInfo - extra information, if needed (e. g. former title)
  4. url - home page of the game
  5. stability - typically one of the templates: stable αlpha βeta ({{stable}} {{alpha}} {{beta}})
  6. theme - game's main theme (e. g. fantasy, s-f)
  7. date - last release date
  8. version - last version number
  9. based - the main predecessor (if any)
  10. lang - programming language(s) used

If something screws up, it's probably the url parameter. Please be careful about it. There should be no spaces before and after the URL and it must not contain special characters, most notably the '=' character. The '=' can be replaced by the utility template {{=}}. The same thing applies to the other parameters, but it is especially important in URLs, as they unfortunately often contain '='.