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Tenney Level Generator .Net is a beta-stage engine

Tenney Level Generator .Net (TLG.NET) is a Roguelike game engine written by: Rob10e (Rob Tenney)


The TLG.NET library is being designed by the author for a RL RPG currently being developed. The original idea behind the generators was to allow for a multitude of dungeon styles to be generated while using only a few algorithms. The generators are (being) designed to maximize customizing features and allow for patterned generation. Some features included (planned or already implemented) are:

  • Multiple generator types:
    • Dungeon level type.
    • Cavern level type using the cellular automata (CA) algorithm. (to be written)
    • World terrain type using both CA and midpoint displacement (MD) algorithm. (to be written)
    • City / Town regions. (to be written)
  • Predefined settings for quick generation of levels.
  • Handling of the 2D drawing functions for level.
  • Generation and drawing of map.
  • Level "awareness":
    • While the code using the generator is responsible for the actual manipulation of objects and characters in the level, the generator will draw the appropriate image for each item/character at the proper locations with the proper states. i.e. If a door was smashed by the player, the generator is told this and will now draw the door with the smashed door image.
    • All items list in the next list....
  • Retrieval and modification of tile state which includes:
    • Type of tile (wall, floor, door, etc...)
    • Objects located within the tile.
    • Characters located within the tile.
    • Visibility of tile for player.
    • Knowledge of tile by the player (aspect of fog of war).
    • Scent trail left by player.
    • Sound range made by player / other characters.
    • Many more to be added.
  • Plus, for people needing just a simple generator, and will handle their own graphics and level management, there is a static method for the generators that returns an array of integers that represents the state of each tile location. i.e: 0 for a wall tile, 1 for a floor tile, 2 for a door tile, etc...

More information will be provided once more of the code is developed.

Versions and platforms

Latest Tenney Level Generator .Net version is 0.1.3386.33644 - 4/9/2009. Tenney Level Generator .Net is available for Windows (.Net & Mono) and Linux (Mono). Current version is available as source code only.

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