The Wastes

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A roguelike where you roam through the procedurally generated wasteland of the ruined world, passing by all manner of monstrosities and wonders as you watch the world decay, Development began on December 13 2014.

The Wastes
Beta Project
Developer Huw Millward
Theme Post-Apocalyptic, Post-Nuclear Apocalypse
Influences Fallout, Mad Max, Dwarf Fortress, FTL, fable, Elder scrolls
Released April, 2015
Updated October 27, 2015 (Version
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Open Ended
Official site of The Wastes

The Wastes is a coffeebreak roguelike


In the Wastes you have no goal or aim but to survive, and believe me it's a futile goal, you may grow to become a monstrous mutant, a bandit, a hunter of bandits, a roaming bard, a travelling merchant, a robber, arena fighter or all manner of things with little restriction, as you explore you will gain stats and money, copious amounts of very dynamic loot and great insight into the world.

Exploring the wastes you will find everything from traps to ruined buildings you can explore, as you roam through the world you will pass through a few different region types, deserts, city ruins, mountains and craters and some will be further modified, such as dead regions with no one inside, nomans regions with nothing but monsters, warzones which are currently being fought over, titan regions which are full of massive monsters, trap regions full of traps and stormy regions with constant and unbearable storms.

You will find peculiar sights and meet many monsters as you battle through the randomly generated regions, occasionally finding towns and traders, or gangs and monsters. There is no real way to win the wastes but there are many secrets hidden in the game and more content than you could hope to find in 1000 hours of playtime, it's quite addictive and the frustration of dying is usually forgotten leaving you wanting more.


  • Millions of weapons, from a Sharp Spiked Arm-Brace to an Atomic Silver Katana there are more weapons than you can count
  • Billions of items, from the bizarre to the amazing, you can find items like prime coat hangers, rotting toes and Imperial gold bars
  • Player Moddability, add your own items, menu greetings, books, npc names and so much more! share them with us too!
  • Functional items such as rollable dices, smokable bongs, readable books and tons more!
  • Drugs and randomly generated smokeable and eatable plants
  • Dynamic Books, you can find books in all kinds of conditions, some will have pages missing and others will be autographed or special edition
  • Mutations, muddled up at the start of each game vials and random events will have you mutating in many ways, grow and extra leg, special skin and much more! "mutate and thrive"
  • Gambling on fights and snail racing
  • Customisable upgradable weapons
  • Millions of Monsters, a plethora of nuclear nasties, from radiated king pigs to headless tribal warriors, you will find many things
  • over 1000 random events, you will always find new encounters that you haven't seen before keeping the game fresh and opening your eyes to new bizarre things
  • Randomly generated dungeons, delve through labs, ruins, caves, mines and more!
  • Randomly generated fight moves, discover special fight moves with random effects
  • Randomly generated bard music, encounter bards in the wastes with completely random (albeit crappy) music
  • and so much more!

More Info


Entered into the main menu these will give you special cheats, not required but they do add a new element to the game, mostly added for testing they are there to allow the player to play around

  • 13 - welp edition - sets players hp to 50 and stats to 1
  • 26 - iguana bill edition - turns the player into iguana bill
  • 31 - coward edition - sets players hp and stats higher
  • 66 - deadman edition - sets players hp to 10 and stats all to 1
  • 33 - Perky edition - 10 perks per level
  • 35 - super perky edition - 100 perks per level
  • 78 - Colour Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any colour
  • 101 - level 1 forever edition- pretty much impossible to level up
  • 108 - Garry Edition - All npcs are named garry
  • 404 - Encounter Selector - Dev tool that allows you to force any encounter
  • 999 - drugged test - runs the drugged effect
  • 1337 - LEET edition - sets players hp and stats super high
  • 1007 - LOOT edition - lots more loot
  • 555 - $$$ edition - gives you $1'000'000
  • 5555 - $$$$ edition - gives you $100'000'000

Development History

Development began on December 13 2014 as a small project that was after very little work dropped, the other roguelike game Warsim was worked on in it's place and very little attention was given to the wastes until it was picked up a few months later and worked on prolifically developing it at an alarming rate before the development speed began to burn out and slow down again by september.

The game has gone through spates of being updated daily for almost a month at a time to barely an update a month but the development has never ceased and the game is usually worked on daily. A detailed view of the games changelogs can be found on reddit.

In November 2015 a computer crash resulted in the loss of all source code and no valid back ups existed, the project was shut down and the final unfinished build was released.

Development Goals

With no forseeable end in sight the development of the wastes will continue on indefinitely, there have always been plans for companions armor and guns and the other goals have appeared through development, though it seems like there's a lot to do, only a few months ago this list was more than twice this size and has now been cut down thanks to constant updates.

  • Fully dynamic living factions with leaders and members
  • Fully dynamic and interactible towns with buyable buildings / jobs
  • Randomly generated quests
  • Companions / mercenaries and pets
  • Armor and guns
  • Npcs using weapons
  • Lootable enemies after combat
  • Dynamic procedurally generated loot based on creature types such as "Dire-wasp" = Dire-Wasp Stinger, Dire-Wasp Meat ect
  • Rads from food and radiation encounters (done)
  • Toxic Region sub type
  • Fully implemented Trap region sub type
  • Country Side region
  • Cyborg expansion
  • Swamp region
  • Civil region sub type
  • and much much more (to the point this game has no forseeable development end)


All of these videos are for far outdated versions of the wastes, but they still show it off