The Well Of Enchantments

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The Well Of Enchantments

created for 7DRL 2012 by IBOL using App Game Kit.

'an exploitation of the superclass'

ok, so 1 week later, and i have an fixes lots of little bugs, adds color-coded inventory, monster balancing, and a few commands, like a list of the effects you have learned so far. download it straight from here:


  * 7 dungeon levels 
  * 22 monsters 
  * 15 kinds of items with up to 5 enchantments on each (read,consume,zap,wear,curse) 
  * wield anything as a weapon 
  * wear almost anything as armor 
  * hidden traps (searching is automatic, but not guaranteed. rest to search better) 
  * winnable 
  * save/load/permadeath 
  * use pick to mine thru walls to find hidden treasure 
  * all weapons can break from use (some faster than others) 
  * speed system, with actions taking different amounts of time,and monsters moving at different speeds 
  * encumbrance system, with carry weight slowing your speed,and eventually stopping you completely

check my inventory for the cursed grilled cheese sandwich: [[1]]

Mastodon's "Dry Bone Valley": [[2]]

guess i should point out a few things: use the x key to EXAMINE items. that will tell you what the items do (if you have discovered that power yet) clicking on an item in your inventory list will do the same thing.

items also have parentheses after their names that show what commands can be used with them (PZRWC) stands for 'put on', 'zap', 'read', 'wield', 'consume'.

the newer version mentioned up there clears up bugs.

the game really requires aggressive identification of items. if a sword is not as good as one you have, but it has a 'consume' or 'read' power, then use it for that.

also, watch your carry weight. it can slow you down, which effects your movements speed & attack speed.