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About the Review

Version 002 of The Woods of Torbin was examined.

Windows XP was the host platform.


I really like the style of the graphics. The creatures are nice and iconic, easily distinguished at a glance. Keep it clean like this, IMO.

Cool Things

The little path of arrows when you target something showing the attack path is really cool.


Starvation may be a bit to quick. I got lost from the initial instructions, and didn't find the wizard. By the time I had explored the starting map fully, I starved to death. That seems a bit extreme.

How do you tell what you are wearing? I picked up various stuff, tried equipping, but there seemed no way to see what I had currently equipped? (Answer: Use 'E'. This binding can be found by pressing '?'.)

I suffered immensely from the autochat. Because everyone is bouncing around randomly, one has a little minigame of trying to get beside them for Chat. Then another mini game of whether or not it will prompt for a direction. If you really want an RPG roguelike with lots of Chat, I strongly recommend making bump into friendlies do a chat. This also removes the silly "Do you really want to attack?" messages. Make a special attack command that overrides chatting for those rare times the user would answer yes.

Trying to descend to DLevel 2 hung the machine with 0% CPU. I presume something bad happened in level generation?