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Alpha Project
Developer Mike Anderson
Theme fantasy
Released 2007
Updated May 28 2008 (0.334)
Licensing GPL
P. Language Java
Game Length
Official site of Tyrant

Tyrant is a java roguelike, designed to be played with a browser.


Tyrant is a roguelike fantasy adventure game with fairly good graphical tiles. It features randomly generated landscapes, towns (shops, temples, trainers) and dungeons.

Tyrant is in alpha stage according to Mike Anderson, its creator. It was in the phase of feature adding but has a good number of races, classes, skills, NPCs and opponents beforen it got abandoned. It is fully playable and you'd have to play long before ever stumbling over a bug.

Versions and platforms

Latest version of Tyrant is v 0.334. Being written in java and designed to run in an applet, in a browser, Tyrant is available under every platform for which this technology is available. But you can also download a copy if you want to play it locally.

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