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Dominik Marczuk
Alias Mingos
Projects Umbrarum Regnum, Umbra, Deliquium Solis
Games none
Nationality Polish
P. Languages C/C++/C#
Official site of Dominik Marczuk


Born in 1983 in Poland, studied Biology and Chemistry at secondary school and Spanish Philology at the University of Warsaw, and later at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In 2009/2010 I did a postgraduate degree in the area of Advanced IT Technologies at the University of Varmia and Masuria in Olsztyn, Poland. I'm running a private business called UmbraProjekt, dedicated to website design.

Roguelike development

No released roguelike games so far. I started coding Umbrarum Regnum in 2007 using Java, but quickly rewrote everything in C, using libtcod. The project was rewritten again about a year later, again using libtcod, but this time in C++. The project is on hold since mid 2009.

In early 2009 I teamed up with Jice in libtcod development and since have been contributing to the library.

In late 2009, I began developing Umbra, a general purpose application engine for libtcod-powered applications. Soon after the first code made it to its SVN repository, jice joined the project. The engine is currently powering two games, both still in development: The Cave and Deliquium Solis. The first public release is planned for September the 19th 2010 (ARRP).

Daydreams and delusions

I would very much like to release Umbrarum Regnum and Deliquium Solis one day.

Also, I have been tempted to participate in a 7DRL contest one day - perhaps in 2011?