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Dominik Marczuk
Alias Mingos
Projects Umbrarum Regnum, Umbra Engine
Games none
Nationality Polish
P. Languages C/C++
Official site of Dominik Marczuk

Character's History

Mingos was born to be a male Human. Mingos has grey eyes, blond hair and a fair complexion.

Mingos' parents were middle-class townspeople. Although they had to struggle to survive at more than one occasion, they gave him all the love and care they could. Mingos was their only child.

In his youth, Mingos was fascinated by logic exercises and puzzles. He was not a very sociable child and preferred to draw complex labyrinths rather than play with other children.

As an adolescent, Mingos began to use computers. He acquired many useful skills learning on his own. He began to study C from a simple student's book. In school, he did not become interested in what he had decided to study: chemistry and biology; he preferred foreign languages.

As a young adult, Mingos went to university (University of Warsaw), where he studied Spanish philology. During the course of his studies, he went to Spain. He finished his studies there (University of Santiago de Compostela) and came back to Poland a few years later.

At the age of 24, Mingos decided to become a RL developer.