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Jeremiah Reid
Alias jere/nluqo
Projects Golden Krone Hotel
Games A False Saint, An Honest Rogue, Golden Krone Hotel, DUMUZID, The Only Shadow That the Desert Knows
Nationality USA
P. Languages JavaScript
Official site of Jeremiah Reid

Games made by Jeremiah:

  • Golden Krone Hotel - written for 7drl 2014, but now being further developed. A traditional roguelike with stealth, dynamic lighting, and light itself used as a weapon. Alternate between vampire and human forms in every run.
  • DUMUZID - written for 7drl 2015. An abstract roguelike with a light Sumerian theme. The gameplay is sort of a cross between Katamari Damacy, Rogue, and Tetris. One of the few roguelikes to feature enemies more than 1 tile wide.
  • Zurvivors - written for 7drl 2017. A zombie survival and crew management game.
  • DEADFACE - written for 7drl 2018. A bullet hell/hacking roguelike.
  • Spell Wheel - written for 7drl 2019. A wacky broughlike about building a 4-spoked wand.