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Vamps N Wolves
Developer Thom Robertson
Theme Fantasy, sneaking
Influences {{{influences}}}
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 15th March 2015
Licensing free to play
P. Language C++, DirectX
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length < 1 hour
Official site of Vamps N Wolves

VampsNWolves is a coffeebreak roguelike


You might be a weak old man, but you are clever and quiet. Perhaps that's why the Dark Lord imprisoned you deep in his castle. Now, having slipped your chains, you must sneak out, past his legions of vampire and werewolf minions. Your one advantage is to disguise yourself as a werewolf or vampire, confusing your enemies. Good luck.

Windows version available here:

The central mechanic is flipping between a vampire disguise and a werewolf disguise. The other type of monster will chase you. This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.


RL2015-ssA1.png RL2015-ssA2.png