Wizard Chess 7DRL

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Wizard Chess 7DRL
Alpha Project
Developer Eldar Bogdanov
Theme Fantasy
Influences Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Released March 7 2020
Updated June 18 2020
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows/Linux/Mac
Interface Keyboard/Mouse
Game Length 1-2 hours
Official site of Wizard Chess 7DRL


This is a roguelike/strategy game based in fantasy world populated by mythical races and creatures. Your main objective is to assemble an army big enough to conquer a certain city, and defeat the monsters guarding paths and treasures in the process. The game proceeds in two modes: the resource management-focused roguelike adventure, and the turn-based tactical combat remotely resembling chess - hence the name Wizard Chess.

For those who had the pleasure to play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 & 3, this game should look rather familiar - it's essentially a single-faction single-hero version of HMM. There were a couple of aspects of HMM that I wished were different: the lack of realism (magic and realism, lol) around army supply lines, and the lack of nuance in battlefield positioning. This game is an attempt to address both.

The game tied for 6th place in Scope at 7DRL 2020 , which hopefully is a kind of endorsement.

Wizard chess 7drl - adventure map.png Wizard chess 7drl - battle.png Wizard chess 7drl - city.png


Version 0.4.0



As expected of a 7DRL game, the scope is rather limited, but you can assemble an army, battle, trade in cities, and win the game. It has minor tweaks on top of v0.1 produced during the 7DRL jam: UI bugfixes, balancing, and option to submit results to a leaderboard server.