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Library project
Developer Jice
Released October 16 2014 (0.0.2)
Updated October 09 2016 (0.7.0)
Status Beta
Licensing MIT License
P. Language Typescript
Platforms Web
Dependencies pixi.js, jquery, dexie
Official site of Yendor.ts


Yendor.ts is a TypeScript API for roguelike developers. It provides a true color console, a robust random number generator, a field of view toolkit, and other utilities frequently used in roguelikes.

It comes with a simple generic roguelike game to extend.


Supported browsers

CMAScript 6 compliant browsers :

  • Edge 13+
  • Firefox 47+
  • Safari 9.1+
  • Chrome 49+
  • Opera 39+



Yendor's code uses the MIT license.