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Beta Project
Developer Bessarion
Theme fantasy
Influences Moria, Tolkien's Middle-Earth, *D&D, Rolemaster
Released Mar 04, 2007
Updated Mar 30, 2008
Licensing Open source, various files are Koeneke license, GPL V2/BSD, straight BSD, and Boost.
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows GUI and curses build against PDCurses are known-good. Platforms imported from V will need some work. Platforms in the freezer subdirectory do not have current V mirrors, thus will take notable work to resuscitate.
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Long
Official site of Zaiband

Zaiband was forked from Angband 3.0.6 primarily to:

  • reimplement 4GAI
  • Do other AI repairs, including gradually restricting it to player-available information.
  • Prevent exploitative newbie deaths
  • Remove the "there is no way I should have survived that" experience.