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Angband Variant
Developer Eric Bock
Based on ZAngband 2.1.1c
Theme Fantasy
Released 28th April 2000 (??)
Updated 2.1.3
Download Version 2.1.3 (Windows)

Official site

Zceband is an Angband variant, more specifically a Zangband variant, which has seen two releases from its creation to the time it was declared defunct.


Created by Eric Bock, Zceband is a Zangband variant with added features such as a new "Fiend" race, possibility of larger maps, crushing ceilings, "Doom monsters", and updated damage outputs. Zangband seems to take quite a big influence from Id Software's Doom, as there is an "Id" monster, and vanilla Doom monster names and weapon names.

Versions and Platforms

In the entire lifespan of Zceband, 2 versions have been released.

Version 1

"Zangband 2.2's pet menu has been added. Chaos warriors may choose their patron at startup. All chaos patrons grant some bonus abilities. Two new uniques to replace Qlzqqlzuup and Vecna. Three new chaos patrons: Qlzqqlzuup, who mostly summons monsters, and grants a 'summon monster' ability. Vecna, who grants a 'mind blast' ability. Id, who is inspired by too much Doom :) He provides Doom-like weapons at various levels. (Note: most of the multiple-projectile weapons - such as the shotgun - are somewhat peculiar when fired at diagonally adjacent monsters, and tend to miss. This is a 'feature' of Angband's bolt system.) Breath attacks are conical. Experience gained from a particular monster type decreases as more monsters of that type are killed. Weapons and armor may be given altered damage dice/base ac."

Version 2

"Multiple message tracking. "You tunnel into the granite wall. <30x>". The game-crashing bug has disappeared. Players start with a larger basic inventory. A 'fiend' race. It's...different. Fiends may not wield weapons or bows, and may not wear lights, cloaks, gloves, or boots. However, it's intended to be a warrior race. Angband 2.8.5 line-of-sight algorithm. Maps may be much larger than normal. Fixed the bug with multiple-projectile weapons. Increased the maximum number of random quests to 125. (Note that using this number would produce a quest on every level) Added crushing ceilings. Added barrels. Added the Doom monsters."

Zceband 2.1.2 is the first release, due to it deviating from Angband beyond its 2.1.1c update. Zceband 2.1.2 was released on Amiga and DOS, and 2.1.3 was released on PPC, 68020+, and Mac OS X Macintosh computers, as well as Windows.