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ChaosForge is an independent games developer based in Wrocław, Poland. It was founded by Kornel Kisielewicz, the maker of the popular free game DoomRL. The studio is now working on a high production value sci-fi roguelike, Jupiter Hell.


The roots of ChaosForge stretch back to 2002, when lead developer Kornel Kisielewicz created Doom, the Roguelike. It achieved popular appeal for its refreshing take on the traditional roguelike formula, with fluid range-based combat, easy controls and addictive gameplay. Since then Kornel has created a number of other pop-culture inspired roguelikes, before launching his own studio to create a commercial roguelike that would appeal to a new generation.

In 2013 Kornel formally incorporated ChaosForge to work on Jupiter Hell, the studio’s first flagship title. Built from the ground up on its own engine, it is developed to appeal to the same audience that embraced the revival of X-COM and other turn-based or board-game inspired games. It features traditional, meaty roguelike mechanics but with a modern look and feel. ChaosForge has offices based in Wroclaw, Poland, but also pulls in contributions from people around the world.