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Defunct Game
Developer Dabreegster
Released Lost ({{{relver}}})
Updated Lost ({{{updver}}})
P. Language
Game Length
[ Official site of PerlRL]

PerlRL is Da-Breegster's roguelike engine. The language of implementation is made evident by the name, which will be changed eventually. It was started around July of 2005 and is actively developed to this day. The engine is stable enough to create a game (see EmotionRL), but many changes are still forthcoming.

A tarball with EmotionRL can be found at [1], though it's slightly outdated. The latest and greatest code of the engine and EmotionRL can be attained with svn: svn checkout perlrl. Note that the intro story is disabled by default in the latter's, but it can easily be enabled by passing --intro to the script.


Two games have been made with PerlRL. Well, one. EmotionRL was the first, and HalloweenRL (tentatively titled It's Almost Midnight) will be the second.


  • Unique object system with data inheritance
  • Flexible, polished UI
  • Curses interface for now, maybe graphical eventually
  • Powerful event/reaction system allowing for nethack-style unique cases in a cleanly designed, yet flexible way
  • A standard library with default actions for characters and items
  • Interesting dungeon generation
  • Static game content can be specified in human-readable text files
  • Basic AI
  • A resimulation mode that will eventually allow for movies of gameplay to easily be recorded and shared
  • Basic LOS
  • Very flexible camera engine (near-edge scrolling or constant centering)
  • Extremely powerful serialization support which stores only the unique data of objects and handles the reference web cleanly
  • Decent results on a low-end machine (500Mhz, 128MB RAM)

Development state

Reached Alpha before further development apparently ceased.