Beneath Apple Manor

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Beneath Apple Manor
Stable game
Developer Don Worth
Theme Fantasy
Released 1978 (1.1)
Updated 1978 (1.1)
Licensing Closed Source, Commercial
P. Language Assembler
Platforms Apple II, Atari 8-bit family
Interface Graphical Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length
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Beneath Apple Manor Is a game developed by Don Worth for the Apple II, first published by The Software Factory and later editions by Quality Software. It's claimed to be the first CRPG and cited by Wikipedia as "one of the first video games to use procedural generation". It predates Rogue's release by two years and shares heavy similarities with it, which leads to it being claimed as the first Roguelike by technicality. Beneath Apple Manor can be played on The Internet Archive or downloaded through it's developer's personal web page, both for free.


In BAM the player must go deep into a dungeon that's underneath the titular manor with the goal of reaching the last floor to retrieve the Golden Apple, fighting monsters, collecting items, and increasing your stats. The player stats are more like a pool of resources, each action you take uses a certain amount of points corresponding to a specific stat, and you can regenerate them by resting during turns. There are 4 main ones, denoted by their initial letter:Strength,Intelligence,Dexterity and Body. you have 20 points each at the start of every run.

Versions and platforms

Beneath Apple Manor: The Special edition (Apple II)

• Atari 8-bit port of The Special Edition