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Caves Of
Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer CDR64
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo, brogue
Licensing Open Source
P. Language 6502 Assembler
Platforms Commodore 64
Interface Tile based
Game Length 1+
[ Official site of Caves Of]
CavesOf is a coffeebreak roguelike

"Caves Of" is a coffee break roguelike currently in development for the Commodore 64.

The map generation crafts a fancy cave system using a cellular automata algorithm and corridors are dug if necessary to ensure connections between areas.


The game features four weapon types (three melee and one ranged), a simple magic system, and diverse consumables. Each weapon type endows the player with unique perks and a unique special ability that can be triggered at the cost of stamina. All weapons can potentially apply debuffs to enemies, such as blind or stun.


The magic system is intentionally basic, featuring spells for creating shields and possible buffs/debuffs. It steers clear of flashy elements like fireballs and magic missiles.


This category encompasses both potions, bestowing beneficial effects upon the player, and bombs that inflict harm on enemies in various ways.

Character System

No levels or classes. The player can choose between two perks after completing each level.


While adhering to standard mechanics, the cave setting minimizes chokepoints. Notably, enemies spawn in large groups, aiming to overwhelm the player with sheer numbers.


I'm thinking about adding a town with NPCs for interaction or selling items. Think Tristam :) However, this might significantly expand the project's scope. it probably won't happen.

A screenshot showing an old game screen.
Caves Of screenshot