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Dungeon Core Roguelike (DCRL)
Alpha Project
Developer RPGCubed
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Core litRPG novels
Released June 16, 2020
Updated October 21, 2020
Licensing Closed Source, Commercial (currently free online)
P. Language JavaScript (TypeScript)
Platforms Browser
Interface ASCII (sort of), Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Open ended
Official site of Dungeon Core Roguelike (DCRL)

A roguelike base-builder where you play as a Dungeon Core, inspired by litRPG novels like the Divine Dungeon series and games like Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld.


In Dungeon Core Roguelike (DCRL), you play as a Dungeon Core, a magical gem with the power to manipulate the environment around it. You can create mobs, build rooms, and more as you grow your Dungeon and defend yourself against local monsters and invading adventurers!

This game is in active alpha development. The latest "stable" release can be found at dcrl.app

Current Features

  • Monster and Structure Creation - Create the perfect Dungeon replete with mobs!
  • Different Mana Types - Each type of Mana supports a different playstyle!
  • Customizble Interface - Layout your windows however you want!
  • Keyboard and Mouse Controls - Customizable keyboard controls, and mostly-complete mouse controls.

Planned Features

  • Saving and loading
  • Traps and "Runescript" system
  • More interesting combat system
  • Much more!