Dawn of the Dead Roguelike

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Dawn of the Dead Roguelike III
Stable game
Developer ErikAdams
Theme Horror
Influences DoomRL
Released 2009 ? (v1.0)
Updated 15 Jul, 2010 (v1.87)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Game Maker language
Platforms PC
Interface Graphic, Keyboard & mouse
Game Length Unknown
Official site of Dawn of the Dead Roguelike III


TDOTD III is the last version of this roguelike of horror based in the Lovecraft universe. The texts are in spanish. And have a gameplay more complete that the last version.


The main features until version 1.85 are the following:

  • Text in Spanish
  • 7 Dungeons
  • 7 works to choose
  • 25 different types of enemies
  • 165 different weapons
  • 8 different traps
  • 7 Armors
  • Cthulhu
  • Inventory (The last version didn't have this feature)
  • Different player states
  • Fires can be provoked
  • The Tumbs with messages
  • Online Ranking
  • Graphic Interface


"That is not dead which can eternal lie because in the strange aeons even death may die" - HP Lovecraft

To wake up one day in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by unknown perils is one of the most common nightmares. Unfortunately for the protagonist of our story is just reality. Lying on the cold floor wakes up one morning .. Or is it night?, This case is that the most absolute darkness around him, while in the distance are heard terrible cries that seem to be human. Is this an explanation? Of course not, though the character has a strange idea in my head ... Perhaps in the depths of this terrible place is the explanation for this nightmare to life ... Will you come?

PURPOSE OF THE GAME: The ultimate goal of this roguelike is none other than reaching down the stairs to the seventh dungeon, while fighting for the survival of our character ...Although no one says this will be easy, as hordes of terrifying creatures and hundreds of traps await you.


F1: Opens this help document.Use it whenever you want to remember one of the many controls that have the game.

F4: Place the game in full screen.You can also modify mouse the size of the window.

F9: Take a screenshot.

Esc: Close this help document.If you are in the inventory, close the inventory. Close on the game if the "boss" (If you're not in the inventory).

Left Mouse Button: This is the command to observe.Use it to discover that it is becoming one of the symbols of the screen. Some symbols may have more of a description so we do not trust appearances.

RIGHT mouse: If you have a firearm and ammunition enough to shoot into position using the mouse.

ARROW: Move the protagonist a box in the direction indicated.If that square is occupied by an enemy makes a melee attack. You can also push rocks.

KEY I: Open / Close inventory.Use it for your status, and to know that you saved objects.

SPACE: Displays or hides the minimap.

KEY A: Pick up something from the ground and keep it in your inventory.You can only carry a firearm or melee at once, so if you take a new leave the former on the ground.

T KEY: take something from the ground.If you hurry you can eat / drink something in the ground without first pick.

KEY 1: If you use kits in inventory to heal a little life.Make choices.

KEY 2: If you use inventory antidotes to cure a poison.Make choices.

KEY 3: If you use eye drops in the stock one to heal blindness.Make choices.

KEY 4: If you use tranquilizers in a inventory to cure insanity.Make choices.

KEY 5: If you use supplies in the inventory 10 to win 10 points out of hunger.Make choices.

KEY 6: If X potions you use an inventory to choose one random effect.Needless to say, it can be quite beneficial or harmful. Make choices.

KEY 7: If you antipetrificantes use them to take away that terrible altered state.Make choices.

KEY 8: Make elections.

KEY A: Command "open."Use it to open doors, tombs and caskets. Some doors are locked, so you need a key to open the inventory.

KEY C: Command "Close."Use it to close doors open.

KEY B: Command "search."Use it to discover hidden things.

KEY D: Command "off."Use it to turn on and discovered a trap. It has a certain percentage of error.

KEY F: Command "run."Use it to turn on or off the race. If you're in that mode you move more quickly but you are hungry more quickly.

KEY L: Command "lift."You can use it to exchange your position for a rock.

KEY O: If you have a melee weapon in the inventory you throw in the last address that you have moved, lost.The thrown object will do damage if it hits a creature. The weapon is lost in the process.

KEY H: Command "Talk."Use it to offer help to someone.

KEY M: Command "Look."Use it to get a description of an object it is the protagonist or the inscription on a tomb nearby.

KEY E: Command "Special."Use it to use the special skills of each profession. (The ability always has a cost)

KEY Shift: Use it up or down stairs and access other levels.The stairs are the ">" and "<"

S KEY: Command "suicide."What you mad and you have no tranquilizers? What have you found a closed path? You can accelerate your death using this command.

X BUTTON: If the character has the ability to invocation, use your skill.Choose the spell that suits you for the occasion. The ability to invoke hunger and lowers the character's sanity.

KEY Ctrl: Make the person relax the number of shifts you choose sacrificing sanity and hunger for life.Shifts can not rest more than the amount of wisdom you have at that time. You attract a certain percentage of monsters.


During your adventures may suffer different altered states often prove lethal. To find out which state is the protagonist and to administer the remedy there is a system of colors that will show you the fate of the protagonist. (The color change)


GREEN: The main character is poisoned and will lose life points for every action you make in this state.

DARK BLUE: The protagonist is blind.Every action you make in this state you will regain some vision.

MAGENTA: The main character is crazy.Will ignore your orders to move.

BROWN: The protagonist is hungry.Every step you lose a little life.

GREY: The protagonist is petrified.If you have a despetrificante you better kill yourself.

Thank you for playing!


Screenshot (Forbidden link) Another screenshot