Deadland 4000

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Deadland 4000
Stable game
Developer Cain Laikind
Theme Post-Apocalyptic,Sci-fi
Influences CataclysmDDA, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Released 07 October 2022 (1.0)
Updated 14 February 2023 (1.2)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C Sharp
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1-3 Hours
Official site of Deadland 4000

Deadland 4000 is a post-apocalyptic roguelike released in 2022 set in the year 4000. The player is tasked with travelling north to meet what may be the last human on Earth.


  • Simple survival mechanics, players must manage food and radiation
  • Linear open world. The world generates as a long 32 tile wide line. The player must travel north, the further the distance the more dangerous the enemies.
  • No experience. New abilities can be learned from reading books scattered across the world.
  • Enemies have a vision radius shown by red indicators. Evading detection is a powerful strategy.
  • Noise system. Guns will alert nearby enemies to your location. Certain enemies will create loud noises when they see you.
  • Day night cycle. Weather system.
  • 2 Victory conditions: a standard win for reaching the end of the deadland, and an optional ascension run where the player must retrace back to the beginning of the game with new dangerous enemies.
  • Choose from 9 different classes: Child, Punk, Hobo, Veteran, Hiker, Druid, Agent, Firefighter, or Experiment.
  • Collect cosmetic stickers with tokens earned from playing.