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Alpha Project
Developer Corremn
Theme Fantasy
Influences everything
Released 2006
Updated Not yet.
Licensing Closed Source Freeware
P. Language C++ OpenGL
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of DemiseRL



Misery spawns heroes: welcome to the world of Demise, where even the lowest peasant can make a difference; most don't, however.

DemiseRL is my big roguelike project. I use its engine in all my games. Not much can really be said about it yet, as I don't know much about it myself.


The history of the world is misery. Thousands of years ago creatures came to the world of man, destroying their cities and killing all in their path. The invaders were known as Demons, creatures of great power and great evil. The Demons enslaved the remaining humans and forced them to rebuild the world in the Demons' image. The Demons brought with them other slaves from other worlds, strong, sturdy folk to build their great citadels, tall, lithe folk to channel magic through, and many others. For thousands of years, the slaves struggled to survive amid the misery and pain, forced to breed to replenish the workforce of the Demon masters until came the Day of Awakening. As suddenly as the Demons had arrived they had vanished; no sign of the former masters could be found, and the people of the land rejoiced. No longer under the hold of the evil powers, they could go their own way and forge their own living. A great peace crossed the land and the people celebrated. The peace was short-lived; resources were low; food and shelter became priorities. Races at first banded together, but soon, quarrels and disputes broke apart the remaining survivors. Fights and skirmishes broke out and blood once again washed over the lands, and the world was plunged into a second darkness. The fighting was brutal as races and clans strove to rule their lands. The Elves, a race of magical people, fled to the remaining forests and woods. The Dwarfs, the strong builders of the Demons, built their own fortresses deep in the mountains. Humans fought for the open plains and rivers where they could rebuild their lives, and eventually, the world became peaceful again.

However unknown to these races, deep within the earth and forests, there remained creatures of great evil, remnants of the Demons' invasion. These creatures watched and waited for the return of their masters and they did not have to wait long...


Since its first demo release in 2006, the engine is undergoing a major rewrite (the bane of all roguelikes). However progress is going well.