Dungeon Typist

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Dungeon Typist
Alpha Project
Developer noffle
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, Minecraft, Text adventures
Released 2018 Apr 25th
Updated 2018 Apr 25th (Beta)
Licensing Open source, [Public Domain]
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Web
Interface WebGL, Keyboard
Game Length Very short!
Official site of Dungeon Typist


A first-person roguelike, written for Ludum Dare 41 in 72 hours. It integrates procedurally generated roguelike levels with typing-based action. Movement is done with the arrow keys, but commands must be typed out -- letters are shot out of the player and apply to whatever mob or object they strike. Typing HIT at a mob will perform a melee attack; OPEN/CLOSE manipulates doors.

Written in ES5 Javascript, using regl for graphics.




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