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Alpha Project
Developer Sheriour
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dwarf Fortress, ToME, Elona, Diablo, Elder Scrolls
Released 4 June 2017
Updated 09 Aug 2018
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Medium
Official site of Dungeonlike

Dungeonlike is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler. Turn based, with tile graphics, randomisation, and a ton of character customisation, as well as an advanced health and ability system.

Your task is to slay Durgaz, the chief of Orcs who resides at the bottom of an underground fortress. At least, that is the official agenda. In reality, your task is to turn this dungeon into a gallery of orcish guts and remains.


  • Randomised dungeon levels.
  • Randomised enemy equipment.
  • Open world, although it's still quite small and empty at this stage.
  • 6 races to choose from.
  • Over 40 attacks and spells to end your foes.
  • Over 70 items to utilise.
  • Over 30 randomly applied enchants which can further empower your items.
  • Slash & Stab! Weapons often provide more than one way of slamming them against those who get in your way.
  • Health and inventory system fully based on body parts. Cut off their legs, then crush their skulls!
  • Design your own versions of spells and techniques. Tame the magic, master the steel!
  • Discover hidden rooms with treasure.
  • Full built-in wiki, aka. Dungeonpedia.

Future Goals

  • More enemy types, to take advantage of the health system.
  • Stealth, sneaking, surprise attacks (nearly done, but not a priority).
  • Music.
  • Expansion of the open world. Current map size covers about 10% of the world I want to create, but it will take a while for me to get all the features out there and increase the map size. I plan on expanding this bit by bit as time goes.