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Developer Eben Howard
Theme 3D
Influences Ecco The Dolphin
Released Mar 13, 2011 (0.3)
Updated Sep 18, 2011 (0.5)
P. Language Java
Platforms Any with a JRE
Interface SquidLib
Game Length Medium
Official site of EmoSquid

An underwater game with full 3D movement!

Your goal is to get powerful enough to destroy the two boss monsters. (Hint: explore the depths first, and then the shallows.)

Music plays a large part of the atmosphere of this game, included is the ability to incorporate your own music into the game.

Version 0.3 is the final in-challenge version. Versions past that are normal bug fix / feature enhancement releases. Both 0.3 and the newest version are available at the home site.

Newest announcement page is EmoSquid 0.5 released for ARRP.

Download here.