Equin 2: The Warren Peace

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Equin 2: The Warren Peace
Developer DXF Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences Dragon Quest, Diablo
Status Stable
Released Nov 19, 2021
Updated Sept 21, 2022
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Clickteam Fusion
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical Tiles, Keyboard]
Game Length Approx 2-3 hours per run
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From the game's storepage: When an evil wizard writes a 6000-page book to bore the townspeople to death, it's up to you to take the damn thing and return it FROM WHENCE IT CAME. Dive back into the roguelike world of Equin: It's rabbit warriors vs evil enemies in a challenging traditional roguelike! Specially-designed to not need a MENSA membership to figure out. Fight monsters, not the controls!


  • Easy to learn control scheme, mostly done through context menus and a small amount of keys- Space Bar, ESC, I, S, W, H, and the arrow keys.
  • Five classes to choose from (4 originals, the 5th was added with Build 1/8/22's major update).
  • Journey through six different areas on your way to destroy the infamous Warren Peace and take out the evil wizard (-TM)
  • Clearing an area takes the player with a small cutscene in which they can choose one of three possible rewards, ranging from upgraded gear to potions, more money and even permanent stat increases.
  • Combat takes place in first person battles. Actions are selected through class skills and the equipment you're holding in both hands.
  • Random floor events like Timebomb, Jailbreak, or Forest Fires to liven things up.
  • Hundreds of equippable gear that shows up on your character's sprite this time around.
  • Original soundtrack comprised of Piano, Drums, Bass, and Guitar

Character Classes

You begin the game and first must choose your character's class. Each has their own pros and cons, skills learned, and overall stat growth. Some equipment can only be used by certain classes.

  • Warriors are hardy and very strong, able to use the largest of the 2 handed weapons with ease. They have extremely high strength and health and excel in melee combat situations. Warriors never gain any natural magic resistance so you have to be especially careful around enemy spellcasters. They are also somewhat clumsy, and have been known to accidentally explode a potion or two when trying to brew one themselves.
  • Thieves have very high rates of disarming traps successfully and can steal from shops if necessary. While other classes have to blindly pry open treasure chests the thief can inspect one to see if it's a deadly chest monster beforehand. It's said that they have better luck at the casino dice tables but nobody can either prove or disprove this rumor.
  • Wizards have the lowest health and stamina totals of everyone but can cast the most powerful offensive magic available. As offensive magic NEVER MISSES ITS TARGET, they can be extremely dangerous in combat. Wizards also gain the highest natural magic resistance of all and can be real pains for enemy magic-users. A wizard has the option to convert any unwanted items in their pack to experience points, helping them level a little faster than most.
  • Clerics are strong holy warriors with some magical abilities provided through a strong tie to their God. They have the ability to wear medium armor and shields and equip any blunt weapon (including two handers). Being a devout so and so, a cleric will never defile a gravesite or enter a Cultist Den. Sworn enemy of the undead, they also have an innate resistance to the fear skeletons, zombies, and ghosts radiate. Clerics gain the most XP from burying bones found throughout your adventures too.
  • Monks are the most physically powerful of all classes and have exceptional physical strength growth, even bypassing the warrior's. Though he may choose to fight with stick, staff, or club they fight best with no weapons at all. Unarmed Monks gain an attack bonus that grows as they progress in character levels. Additionally, he has a unique combat action while barehanded called the One-Inch Punch. This attack deals 150% damage and has a small chance to instantly kill any monster outright (including bosses).

Items of Note

As you descend the depths of the dungeon, you'll find treasure chests, barrels, and other items of note. As a general rule the deeper floor you're on will yield greater rewards / dangers.

  • Chests come in 3 types- wood, golden, and shadow. These will always hold equipment for you to use. Often chests are locked and trapped. If you manage to disarm the trap you'll gain a small experience reward. If you set it off you'll take damage and the chest will be safe to open upon another try. Locked chests have a greater chance of better loot as a general rule. Shadow chests are only found in special Boss Vaults and can hold some of the best items in the entire game.
  • Barrels are very common and are never trapped. Unlike chests, many are empty when opened. Barrels can either have a small gold reward inside or food or potions.
  • Doors are also very commonly found throughout the dungeon. Enemies can move freely though an open door, so be sure to close them behind you if you don't want to be followed.
  • Locked Doors may also appear and require a successful picking to open. Each pick failure increases the chances you'll open it the next time.
  • Water is very plentiful in most of the game' areas, from tiny pools to giant lakes. While swimming is possible, you will naturally consume stamina while trying to cross it. It can be polluted sometimes, which makes it very dangerous to wade around in. Empty bottles can also be filled while inside a body of water.
  • Wells can be drunk from to recover your stamina to max and instantly cure the plague. Wells found inside the prison area will be frozen over, requiring the use of a Torch in order to melt it first. Each well can only be used once.
  • Xtoli Statues can be touched from any side to grant the player a random effect ranging from full health refills to invisibility. Rarely they will change an un-upgraded held weapon into a Runic one, and bestow it with a special permanent power.
  • Abandoned campsites can be used at any time to fully recover your health and stamina. A campsite can be only be used once, however they can be re-lit and used again provided you have an extra torch in your backpack. A campsite can not be lit while it's raining outside.
  • Cauldrons Are leftover potion brewing equipment from witch camps. If you have an empty bottle in your backpack you'll be able to fill it with a random type of potion from these. A cauldron can only be used for a one-time refill this way.
  • Mineral Deposits are big chunks of pointy rocks jutting out of the ground. To mine these spots, you must first find and equip a pickaxe and have at least 5 points of stamina. You can mine gold pieces and ores from these sites but like everything else these resources are limited.
  • Teleportation Fields can appear occasionally and can instantly teleport the character between two random points.
  • Vases can be smashed open, as they often have valuable gold pieces inside. Sometimes someone will have also planted Spazz Weed- a notorious drug- inside. Since vases are super cozy, small monsters may make their homes inside as well- be wary of smashing these open if you're low on HP and can't afford to fight!
  • Cabinets are big wooden pieces of furniture and can be ransacked through. Unlike other lootable sources they can have many different types of treasures inside.
  • Anti-Magic Beacons can sometimes appear on an Anti-Magic floor event, which prevents magic spell use for both character and enemy alike. Step on one and touch it to deactivate the field. Just remember that doing this will let monsters cast their spells again too!
  • Bone Piles are the remains of some unlucky sod who came before you, and didn't fare as well. If you equip a shovel you can opt to bury the bones for a small XP reward. Clerics in particular will benefit the most from keeping bones buried underground as they believe they should be.
  • Gravestones can be dug up if you have a shovel equipped and can spare the 3 points of stamina. Though you might find treasure, you are just as likely to find a monster or catch the plague!
  • Coffins are found exclusively in Kol's Crypt and act much like a regular gravestone, though a shovel is not required to attempt to pry one open.
  • Secret Walls are false walls that look like normal walls but can be walked right through. Very often taking these passages will lead to great treasure!
  • Bridges are found over narrow water, and let the character cross without stamina drain. If a fishing pole is equipped in your off-hand slot the option to fish will appear in the context menu while standing on a bridge. Fishing consumes 1 point of stamina per cast and of course like real fishing you're not guaranteed to always catch anything! Special: There are large bridges found in the final Wizard's Tower that hover far up into the air. Stepping off one of these is surely a fatal fall!
  • Iron Doors are special doors that lead to a small random event. Often a simple two or three option choice will be given and it's up to the player to decide if it's worth the risk to accept. Being a specific class or having certain items in your backpack can determine which choices will appear for some events. Several classes will always succeed at specific events here (ex. the Wizard will always be able to tell the poison from the healing potion and etc).
  • Vault Doors Only appear when a boss enemy is nearby, which is always the final floor of any given area. In order to gain access, its corresponding boss must first be defeated in combat where it'll drop a Vault Key. Vaults hold Shadow Chests and always have excellent rewards inside. If for some reason you enter a vault room with a full backpack you will be given a very large amount of gold pieces for your efforts instead of an item.


Buildings can sometimes appear and will show up as windowed doors inside walls surrounded by a colorful banner. Most establishments will refuse to let a character with plague inside to do business. Shops will also not operate during a jailbreak event, should one also be occurring.

  • Shops will offer to sell 7 items to the player upon entering. A shop will only offer to sell the player items that are related to its character class (ex. they will never sell axes to a wizard because axes can only be equipped by a warrior.) Shops that appear on darkness floors will very often have a torch for sale, as well as desert shops will provide bottled water. Thieves can attempt to steal items they'd rather not pay for, but getting caught will cause powerful XGA guards to appear and come after you!
  • Guilds are convenient places to rest up for the journey ahead. Drinking a beer will recover your stamina to max while renting a room will recover your health & stamina to max levels and refill your food gauge. Staying overnight via room can only be done once per visit, as they have to fold the sheets and etc. afterwards which takes time. Though rare, drinking a beer might get you drunk. Having decent to high constitution stats will lessen this already small chance even more.
  • The Casino asks for all comers to take a roll of the dice and try to double their money. After placing either a $10 or $100 bet, a large die is rolled. If the player scores a 2 or a 6, they will double their bet. Otherwise, you'll lose your bet for good. You can roll the die as many times as you'd like, provided you have the cash. Thieves will fare a tiny bit better at a Casino, though nobody knows exactly why this is.
  • Cultist Dens These small and potentially evil people will offer mystery items in exchange for your maximum HP instead of traditional gold pieces. You'll have to weigh the risks carefully. Clerics will refuse to enter a Cultist Den.


  • Chest traps deal straight damage and are inflicted when a trap is sprung (disarm fails). The damage is greater the more special the chest is. The trap damage is not affected by depth of the dungeon. Some special traps may explode, poison you, or cause ghosts to surround you instead.
  • Poisonous weeds are found around bodies of water and will die when stepped on. There is a small but real chance that stepping on any patch of weeds will also cause the poison status ailment. The resist poison effect will protect you from being poisoned or taking any damage at all, however.
  • Floor spikes appear in various areas and are a real pain. They will retract into their holes after several player steps and then pop out again after several more player steps. Walking over a spike trap that's retracted will not hurt you at all- only when they're out of their holes will they cause 1 point of damage. Spike traps are unique to the game as they can never be destroyed by any means.
  • Fires can sometimes appear during a firestorm / forest fire event and will deal exactly 1 point of damage to the player's health when walked through. Unlike poisonous weeds, the fire remains after being stepped on. Worse, any items the player has equipped that are made of wood will burn and be destroyed! Players under the resist fire effect will be protected from fire damage and item burning. Pouring any potion or bottled liquid on a fire tile will permanently put the fire out for future safe traversal.
  • Plague is a condition that may occur when the player is bitten by an infected enemy. When under the effects of the plague you will become green and have a large defense penalty. Plague can be completely cured by drinking from a well, getting healed by a statue, drinking bottled water, or eating a Catfish. It's important to note that most shops and other places will refuse to let plagued customers inside their buildings!
  • 'Drunk is a condition that can only happen after drinking an beer at a guild first. Drunk characters suffer from reversed controls and being unable to read a compass correctly. Though the odds are small, having a decent CON stat will reduce the likelihood of becoming intoxicated. The drunk status is temporary, and will disappear upon successfully exiting the current floor.

Floor Events

Floor events are special happenings that have a small chance of occurring while playing the game. Though unlikely, it's possible to have more than 1 floor event at a time.

  • Darkness events shroud a floor in a veil of shadow, making it harder to see what's around the corner and therefore enemy ambush rates are increased. You'll also have a harder time hitting monsters while in the dark and incur a small Hit% penalty. Mushrooms can grow in these dark places as well, providing easy (but potentially unsafe) food if needed.
  • Spiked events are floors littered with dangerous spike traps throughout. You have to be very careful navigating your way around, as flying or non corporeal enemies are unaffected by the spikes and can bypass them completely.
  • Evil Force / Boss events signal that one of the game's boss enemies lurk somewhere on the floor. Bosses will always spawn near the exit ladder. A boss vault will always appear during one of these events.
  • Rainstorm Rainstorm floors have a high chance of spawning flowers and poison weeds. Additionally, bodies of water are much more common and larger here while fish are easier to catch. Beware that torches and campfire sets can't be lit while on a rainstorm floor! Special: Fire damage is halved and lightning damage is doubled while it's raining.
  • Flood Sometimes your floor will be totally flooded, even if it's not raining. Special care must be taken with your stamina, as it can quickly deplete with all the swimming you're going to do. Additionally, certain powerful monsters will only show up if the joint's been flooded totally.
  • Time Bomb A devious trap, the floor has been rigged to explode when you've walked a certain number of steps. The explosion will kill everything on the floor, including you. Unlike other events you might be able to find the actual bomb itself and attempt to disarm it. Entering battle with a bomb is special, and all of your combat actions are replaced with the option to attempt to defuse it. The damage dealt this way is tied to your overall Thievery skill (THF), so a thief will be very handy in this situation. Repeated failed attempts to disarm the bomb in combat will cause it to explode early, ending your run.
  • Firestorm / Forest Fire A red hot floor event blistering with intense fire traps. Extremely bad for your equipped wooden equipment, which will burn away without proper magical protection.
  • Pollution can happen wherever water is found. Polluted water is very dangerous to swim in, as not only will you consume stamina you'll also take 1 point of damage per move while in it. Any enemy encountered while in polluted waters will be severely damaged and already poisoned at the start of battle (and with slightly reduced stats), making them easier to kill than usual.
  • Anti-Magic Field Floor The anti-magic field can appear and smother the entire area with a purplish sparkle field. This field causes any and all magic cast to immediately fizzle and fail. This goes for magic that the enemy casts as well. Cleric prayers or Monk powers are not considered magic and are unaffected.

Equipment and Upgrading

The game has a heavy emphasis on equipped gear, of which most pieces can be further upgraded up to 3 times each. Upgrading is done by holding either an Upgrade Dust or a Max Gem in your pack and selecting either the "Upgrade" or "Max Gem" option in your backpack's context menu while the gear in question is selected.

Equipment comes in several different categories:

  • Common gear is unmagical and can be upgraded. It's possible to find pre-upgraded common gear in treasure chests or in shops for sale. Common doesn't always mean bad though, as a Buckler+3 is the highest block % shield in the entire game, and very useful for some builds (ex. with a Rapier).
  • Rare gear can be either exceptional non-magical (like a Greatsword or Steel Plate Armor) or blessed with magical powers. Some rare items are extremely useful, like an Invisibility Ring or a Ring of Phasing. Like common gear you can sometimes find these pre-upgraded or for sale in shops.
  • Unique gear almost always have very special powers. Though hard to come by, you can even find it pre-upgraded sometimes from chests or rarely for lots of money in shops as a Manager's Special. Unique items can have modifiers that are unusual for the gear's slot (ex. Block % on a necklace, Attack power on a helmet) or are very specific (ex. Allows for submergence in water, Heals under certain conditions, increases a specific class's skill, etc).
  • Runic equipment can only exist as an un-upgraded weapon, and is either found from chests or when an Xtoli statue is touched while equipped with a suitable weapon in the character's hand. Runic weapons can be very powerful and / or useful as they have modifiers sometimes not available anywhere else. Some runic weapons can even allow for any class to use them in battle!
  • Enemy Drop equipment can be dropped from certain defeated enemies or sometimes sold at shops / as rewards during certain events from behind iron doors. This gear can't be found pre-upgraded however they are almost universally excellent if you stick with it and upgrade them yourself later. Like unique items, some enemy drops have modifiers not seen anywhere else.
  • Heroic gear stands out right away in that they have a flashing green name text and are always incredible. You can very rarely get them from chests and golden chests, potentially from sacrificing max HP at a Cultist's Den, through random events or boss vault shadow chests. Heroic gear is good as-is, and can't be upgraded further.


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Steam Release

The game was released on November 19th, 2021 and features 19 gameplay achievements. In the first couple of months, it has been given numerous content updates, including a major one on January 8th 2022 which introduced a fifth playable class in the Monk. The price point for Equin2 : The Warren Peace is $9.99 US.

A free 2 area demo of the game is already available via the Steam store page, though it is running a build from pre-release and missing some mechanics / polish / content, naturally (see links below).

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