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Alpha Project
Developer Zmat
Theme {{{theme}}}
Influences Nethack, Elona
Released 2015
Updated 2023
Licensing Open Source
P. Language EraBasic
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of EraRL

This game has adult content and you are advised to proceed at your own discretion.

EraRL is a NetHack and elona like roguelike In japanese EraMaker game making framework engine with it's own language which is similiar to Basic. The game is still in development but have a bunch of feature like a housing, action moves and slave training feature. Original japanese version was abandomed for a few years but now it's translated and still in development in english branch.

Main Concept

You are adventurer with your backstory and your goals which you want to reach by the way of adventurer.

Not JUST a Sex Game

The sex is one of the features but not is main one. It's used as a slave training system.