Excitable Digger

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Excitable Digger
Developer Eben Howard
Theme Mining!
Influences Dwarf Fortress, My Father
Released Mar 15, 2009 (1.0)
Updated Mar 18, 2009 (1.1)
P. Language Java
Platforms any with a JRE
Interface libjcsi
Game Length Short
Official site of Excitable Digger

This game is inspired by the mining portion of Dwarf Fortress.

In this game you must attempt to dig treasure out of a limited space in order to make enough money to buy healing on a regular basis. You are dying from the start and only the healing keeps you going. If you can make enough money, your family will live happily ever after, even though you have passed on.

The unique aspect of Excitable Digger is that the ground is created in an approximation of the way ground is created in the real world. Sedimentary layers form, there may some faulting and/or shifting. There may be an igneous intrusion, and there may also be an igneous extrusion. After an intrusion or extrusion, the rock near the interface zone will metamorphose.

Since the game is a 7drl, the metamorphic rocks do not have any strong correspondence with their matrix material.