Fictional Roguelike

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Fictional Roguelike
Developer James Bunnell
Theme Fantasy
Influences D&D
Released 18 Mar 2012
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux.
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Fictional Roguelike


Fictional Roguelike is attempt to blend together narrative and traditional roguelike gameplay. I created a simple, yet extensible Context-free grammar parser to manage all of the narrative (room descriptions, combat flavor text, winning/losing, etc). The core roguelike gameplay has randomly-generated maps, monsters, turn-based combat, line-of-sight, etc. I also tried to add some variety to the dungeons with some randomly placed “decor” (beds, crates, cobwebs, etc). I feel like so many dungeons are barren of anything more than the player and the monsters, but there really needs to be more than that.

There are 16 floors of monsters to fight through, including "boss" monsters every 4 floors (4, 8, 12, and 16). On the final floor, there is a treasure to find. If you can manage to collect the treasure and fight your way back out of the dungeon, you’ll be declared a winner!


Windows, Mac, Linux

Java SE 6 (or later) is required.





  • movement: arrow keys, vi-keys, and keypad (you can move in cardinal directions)
  • rest: keypad 5 (or Spacebar) will rest for a turn
  • ascend/descend stairs: < Ascends, > Descends
  • in-game help: ? will bring up a help screen