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Major Roguelike
Developer GuyNamedJoe
Theme Fantasy
Influences TOME 4, Shiren the Wanderer
Released 2013 November 8
Updated 2013 November 26 (0.5.1)
Licensing Open Source, GPL3
P. Language C/Lua
Platforms Windows,Unix,Mac OS X,...?
Interface OpenGL, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1-4 Hours
Official site of Gatecrashers

As a T-Engine game, Gatecrashers can also be downloaded as a standalone or in module format from

Gatecrashers is an old-school dungeon crawler with new-school visuals, interface, and design principles. In the vein of the Brogue/Shiren/Rogue style of gameplay, the items you pick up in the dungeon play a heavy role in progression.

This game is an entry into the 2013 T-Engine module contest. Read more here: