Grippy Socks

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Grippy Socks
Stable game
Developer Walter D. Pullen
Theme modern
Influences real life
Released 30 Aug, 2023 (v3.4)
Updated 30 Aug, 2023 (v3.4)
Licensing GPLv2
P. Language C++, Daedalus
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 10 to 30 minutes
Official site of Grippy Socks

Grippy Socks is a roguelike by Walter D. Pullen. It is one of the scripts that comes with the maze generation program Daedalus.


Grippy Socks is a psychiatric hospital or "psych ward" simulation. You are a patient, and your goal is to work with the doctors (e.g. take your meds) in order to get yourself released. Grippy Socks is designed to realistically reproduce the psych ward environment, and can be considered a simulation to raise mental health awareness more than a game.

Grippy Socks features classic roguelike characteristics including turn based, grid movement, and randomly generated environments (the hospital is always the same, although patient positions and names get randomized). Important differences between Grippy Socks and most other roguelikes include:

  • Graphics are in 3D and first person perspective. This is similar to Dragonslayer and The Hunger Games, other roguelikes implemented in Daedalus.
  • A modern theme taking place in a contemporary hospital, as opposed to fantasy and magic.
  • Non-combat oriented: This is a non-violent roguelike, in that the worst that can happen is you get sent to the "padded room" for a while if misbehaving. Your "wellness" is the closest analogue to hitpoints, in which your goal is to raise your wellness level enough so that you can be released. You can also rate your progress by the number of friends you've made, in that each patient offers a mini-quest you can do to make them like you better.